About C O B E P S

Welcome on what was formerly the official website of the non-profit association SOBEPS (Belgian Society for the Study of Space Phenomena).
Please note that on June 11th, 2007, the General-Assembly has voted for the dissolution of the association, a measure effective since December 31st, 2007. Therefore, this site has been modified and the reasons that account for such a decision are explained in detail in Michel Bougard’s last editorial “Dissolution”.

A new team called COBEPS (Belgian Committee for the Study of Space Phenomena) will ensure the continuation of some of the activities of former SOBEPS. This committee reassembles some former collaborators and investigators regrouped by Patrick Ferryn (co-founder of SOBEPS with Lucien Clerebaut, in 1971) and Leon Brenig (physicist, professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles).
The designation COBEPS is not fortuitous, as the basic approach remains the same as the one of the defunct association, i.e. the scientific approach of the ufo phenomenon with no prejudice concerning its nature or origin.

Yet, the means of action of COBEPS will be somewhat different. There will be no magazine, no premises, no library, no subscription or no book selling. While acting of the kind the committee wants above all to privilege a simple but effective structure. The main objective of COBEPS is to continue to collect sightings that might occur in Belgium. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have been the witness of a ufo sighting or if you know some people who would accept to testify (upon request we guarantee that we will respect their desire for anonymity). During the preparation of a TV program dedicated to the 1989-91 Belgian ufo wave, filmed by the RTBF for the program entitled “Questions à la Une” (aired on October 24th, 2007), we discovered a great number of witnesses who did not show up when these exceptional events occurred. We would like to get in touch with them and to give an account of these original sightings.

Should the case occur, COBEPS would be delighted to publish some feature articles on the website, as well as some news about SETI, exobiology and the search for exoplanets.

Our website is in French. Yet, please feel free to write to us in English; we will gladly answer you using this language. Thanks for your understanding.

Would you like to join us or to learn more, please email us at: